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Six good reasons

There are (at least!) six very good reasons to choose for Artificial Insemination. Don't hestitate to contact us with any questions you might have.

Six good reasons are:

Disease control
Stallion and mare have no physical contac. Therefore the risk of contracting any infectious disease is greatly reduced for both: mare and stallion.

Less risk of injury
Reduced risk of injury to the stallion, mare and handlers as a breeding phantom is used for the colection of semen.

Improved conception rate
Semen can be stored and used at the time the closest to ovulation. Monitoring the mare whilst she is in season is vital to ensure that the insemination is timed correctly. When using chilled semen constant contact with the stallion owner is of great importance as this helps ensure that the semen arrives at the optimum time for insemination at the optimum time.

More effective use of the collected semen
The collected semen is diluted with nutrients and antibiotics and divided into portions in order to service more mares than only one. The semen can be checked more frequently for quality.

Also for mares precluded from natural covering
Mares that are more susceptible to post-covering uterine infections have a better chance of conceiving with artificial insemination. Also mares precluded from natural covering due to previous injuries can be artificially inseminated.

Distance is of no importance
By making chilled semen available from a stallion it is possible to make stallions accessible to mares based at some distance from them. For many mare owners the use of chilled or frozen semen can open up a whole new genetic base not previously available to them thus helping to improve their existing bloodlines.