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Artificial Insemination
Services for stallions
Services for mares

Artificial Insemination
Scotland AI Service offers various services for your mares and stallions. Coverings made by Scotland AI Service are AI only, with fresh, chilled or frozen semen. Mares of all breeds are welcome at the stud for inseminating with fresh or frozen semen of any stallion.
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Services for stallions
New stallions are welcome! All breeds of stallions are taken in for semen collection, processing, freezing and sending. If you are interested in having your stallion represented by Scotland AI Service, please contact us. Some of our services for stallions:
- Dummy training
- Semen quality check
- Semen collecting
- Semen freezing
- Semen shipping
- Etc.


Services for mares
- Embryo transfer:
Scotland AI Service offers the opportunity for mare owners the use of embryo transfer. The stud owns a growing herd of suitable recipient mares to increase the chance of a successful transfer.
- Foaling down mares:
Scotland AI Service offers a foaling down service for breeders who don’t have the facilities, time or experience to foal down their mare themselves. All mares are kept in spacious boxes with 24 hour veterinary supervision. CCTV and foaling alarms are used as standard.