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Stud card

DOB 1991
XX/OX percentage: 36,14%

Nimmerdor pref (KWPN) Farn pref (Holst) Fax I (Holst)
Dorette (Holst)
Ramonaa ster (KWPN) Koridon XX
Friedhilde II (NWP)
Zigeunerin keur prest (Holst) Caletto I (Holst) Cor de la Brère (SF)
Deka (Holst)
Krokus (Holst) Wahnfried (Holst)
Rugia (Holst)

Full sister Goodtimes VDL
For years we had been looking to buy a broodmare mare by the "Stallion of the Century" Nimmerdor but never managed to get one. Then finally summer 2010 we found what we were looking for. This mare, Jigeunerin, is not just a mare but she is the full sister to the KWPN approved stallion Goodtimes VDL! Goodtimes won as a three year old the stallion performance test. He went on jumping up to 1.40m level until he was retired to stud. His offspring is competing internationally at the highest level in both show jumping and dressage.

The offspring from Jigeunerin has also been doing very well in competitions. Her son Tempo VDL (sire: Indoctro VDL) is competing in Mexico under the name Tempo la Escondida with international showjumper Frederico Fernandez. He was second in the Mexican Championships and fourth in the Grand Prix Canada.



1995 Nice Sire: Silvio II
1998 Rigeunerin VDL Sire: Corland
1999 Sigeunerin VDL Sire: Corland
2000 Tempo VDL Sire: Indoctro
2001 Premier Flight Sire: Hold Up Premier
2004 Zundapp VDL Sire: Indoctro
2010 Figeunerin Sire: Indoctro
2011 Gamble Scais Sire:Campbell VDL
2012 Happy Times Scais Sire: Silverstone
2012 Higeunerin Scais Sire: Campbell VDL

Gamble Scais

Gamble Scais (Campbell VDL x Jigeunerin, 2011)

Gamble Scais was awarded an elite premium at the 2011 BEF young horse evaluations with a score of 9.07 and is standing equally 4th from all show jumping horses evaluated in the UK this year. The judges commented on his impressive front and his great power full canter in which he seems to be able to lengthen and shorten his stride easily.

Higeunerin (Campbell VDL x Jigeunerin, 2012)

Higeunerin (Campbell VDL x Jigeunerin, 2012)

Tempo VDL (Tempo La Escondida) Indoctro x Jigeunerin

Premier Flight (Hold Up Premier x Jigeunerin)

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