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Stud card
DOB 4/24/1987
Lacapo x mare by Carneval

Dressage Index: 127

In the USA he was honored as the USDF sire of the year.

Lacapo (Holst) Landgraf I (Holst) Ladykiller xx
Warthburgh (Holst)
Lasa (Holst) Capitano (Holst)
Sarbit (Holst)
Texas (Holst) Carneval (Holst) Cor de la Bryère (SF)
Assa (Holst)
Ledusa (Holst) Lorenz (Holst)
Edusa (Holst)

Besides Flemmingh, his dam sired three other approved sons: Gaspari I and II and the Holstein Champion Litorio.

Flemmingh sires beautiful, big, long-lined horses with three perfect gaits. This is proven by the great number of Ster and Keur mares, champion foals and dressage performance horses. Flemmingh mares prove themselves in breeding. Flemmingh is the sire of many selection champions. Also this year his offspring were in front at several shows: Washington was Provincial Champion, Barclay was Provincial foal Champion and became 6th in the National foal Championship, Sarina was Provincial Champion, Bailyes was Provincial foal Champion, Bantana V was Provincial foal Champion and 5th in the National foal Championship and Winola was Provincial Champion.

Also at international shows offspring of Flemmingh are appreciated: In Denmark one of his sons was approved and Wladimir OA became Swedish Champion of the 3 year old horses. The approved stallions; Krack C, Santino and Lingh are some of the most famous Flemmingh sons. This year his son Westenwind was approved by the KWPN Studbook. His offspring are performing very well at the National and International dressage shows. His son Lingh, ridden by Edward Gal, won several Grand Prix and was Reserve Champion at the World Cup Final in Las Vegas, where he was the crowd favourite. He won and was placed in several other Grand Prix and World Cup qualifiers. He was also a member of the Dutch team at the European Championship. Flemmingh’s approved son Krack C has also won several Grand Prix and was the best KWPN dressage horse during the World Championship in Jerez 2002. Krack C won the Grand Prix Special in ’s Hertogenbosch and became the Dutch Dressage Champion of 2006. Also very successful is BeSe, ridden by Catherina Morelli, who won the Grand Prix Special and the Grand Prix at the International Horse Show in Palm Beach. And Melvin, who is with Imke Schellekens-Bartels, is very successful at Grand Prix level. Up to Date was in 2006 Champion of the 5-years old dressage horses in the USA.

The foals of Flemmingh are very much in demand by dressage riders, trainers and dealers because they are very eager learners, like to work and move very easy and well.

Flemmingh was in 6th place in the world ranking of Dressage stallions. Although sadly Flemmingh passed away in 2007, his influence on breeding will continue through his offspring for generations to come. His semen is limited available.

Video of Krack C (sired by Flemmingh)

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