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Live Foal Guarantee
Scotland AI Service offers live foal guarantee terms (LFG) to some of their stallions. By this we mean that after the stud fee is paid we are committed to supplying you semen (transport and collection costs are for the breeder each time) until your mare is in foal. Once the foal is born and 48 hours old and alive, the contract is complete. If your mare loses the pregnancy or the foal is born dead or dies within the first 48 hours for any reason, we continue to send you semen to get your mare in foal again. If your mare dies in foal you may swap to another mare. In all of these cases a signed veterinary declaration is needed to obtain more semen. Once the first shipment of semen has been sent, we do not refund the breeding fee under any circumstances. You may swap a mare if you consider that your original mare is proving too difficult to get in foal. Breedings cannot be resold for any reason. If for whatever reason the stallion becomes unavailable, we will supply you with frozen semen.